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Monday, August 15, 2011 @ 4:57 AM


 »   A cup of Bitter gourd juice mixed with one table of lime juice, take this in early morning with empty stomach for four to six months. this is one of the home remedy for Psoriasis.
  »   Take small amount of almond powder and boil it thoroughly in water. This is used for external application on the affected part. Keep it overnight and wash it next day with water.
  »   Boil some soap nut (shikakai) in water and apply on the affected parts. This will also gives relief from psoriasis.
  »   Make a dilute solution of lime juice with water. Apply this externally on the psoriatic patches.
  »   - Cabbage soup is also an effective home remedy for psoriasis. Take one cup of soup every day it will get relief from psoriasis



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